Better Select

The multi-select box is a standard widget for webforms.  Yes, despite its wide usage, it's also one of the most difficult widgets to use.  To select multiple items requires holding down the Control key or the Command key, depending on which system the user is on.  if the key is not held for even one selection, the whole widget is reset.

After a client had a very long day of re-selecting items, they asked for the select widget to be replaced with a colleciton of checkboxes.

Number Mnemonic

You've seen them on TV: phone numbers made memorable by turning the number into a word or phrase. Maybe it was a golf course family at 1-800-55-LINKS, or the local petting zoo at 202-5-LLAMA.

Have you ever wondered what *your* phone number spells? Sure, you could get out pencil, paper and the supersized Webster's, but that ain't gonna fit on your belt, is it? And unless you're a Scrabble champion, you can bet you're going to miss a few.

Stage Time

You've got a great event lined up tonight, with a killer lead speaker. He knows his stuff, he is interesting, and he love love loves to talk about it all night long.

Which is exactly your new problem.  

If he doesn't stop soon, the other two speakers won't have any time! You've got to tell him he has only a minute left -- time enough to wrap up his speech -- from the back of the room, without disturbing the event.